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WSKEN Lightning seperate tip for X-Cable mini 2 Premium A-Grade Magnetic Cable

WSKEN Lightning seperate tip for X-Cable mini 2 Premium A-Grade Magnetic Cable
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These seperate Lightning tip (1 piece box contents) suitable for the X-Cable mini 2 Magnetic Cable from WSKEN

Our Smartphone should be charged more often than we would like. Sometimes several times a day. We synchronize data from a computer or notebook, smartphone and vice versa. For this we need to plug a charging cable into the Smartphone connector. With all the risks that entails. The charging port connector of the phone or tablet can indeed be damaged. Also, there may be dust in the chargingport which in the long run can cause damage. For this challenge, the WSKEN X-mini Cable designed 2 magnetic cable. Charging and synchronizing is easy with this high-quality cable. You can insert the connector into the port of the phone. Then the connector and the cable magnet itself easily to each other. Easy to recharge the phone in the car or in the dark. Thanks to the LED light. WSKEN X-Cable mini 2 offers a completely new experience when you connect your phone or tablet.

These seperate Lightning Tip is made for:

Manufacturer : WSKEN

Media Kit 2 x MUC losse Lightning Tips voor mini 2 Magnetische Kabel van WSKEN in .ZIP formaat [Link]

Finding the best Magnetic USB Cable (by techmoan)

QC test between cheaper third party Magnetic Cable and WSKEN high-end Magnetic Cable (Mini series)

1) There is a big gap between plastic and metal casing, which is not nice

2) When bend cable, plastic will be whitish, and SR point has burr, material is not good.

3) Logo is vague, not laser well.

4) Charging current is small, and not stable.

5) Plug has burr, will scratch metal case and not easy to pull off from the cable.

6) Magnetism is weak, not very strong.