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Qstarz BL-1000GT BLE 10Hz Wireless GNSS GPS Receiver Racing Recorder

Qstarz BL-1000GT BLE 10Hz Wireless GNSS GPS Receiver Racing Recorder
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  • Model BT-Q1000GT
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Racing fanatics can flawlessly record their performance and steering skills with the new 10Hz BL 1000GT Race Recorder. This ultra fast Data Logger logs no less than 1 waypoint per 0.1 second for the highest possible accuracy. Supports GPS GLONASS QZSS (GNSS Global Navigation Satellite System) satellite platforms and acceleration sensor for optimized data logging. Inclusief QRacing iOS APP voor uitgebreide race analyse, vergelijkingen en video met gegevens / data overlay op een iPhone of iPad. Of course, the race performance can also be viewed and analyzed via PC or Notebook with the QRacing PC software. View device status through the handy Qstarz BLE GPS View APP, both Android and iOS. This allows the satellite strength / reception, battery status to be viewed and GPS data can be exported as CSV files. BT 1000GT is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy. Furthermore, this unique device is scalable in terms of memory thanks to a removable MicroSD card.

Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Racing Recorder to measure driving performance
10Hz Recording excellent for Car or Motor Racing activities
Bluetooth BLE wireless connection to iPhone or Android devices
Analyze Circuit Lap timing or Drag performance test
GPS+GLONASS+QZSS engine and Acceleration sensor enabled for optimizing log
Support race analysis, comparison and video with data overlay on the phone via QRacing iOS APP

QRacing APP (iOS)
Qstarz BLE GPS View APP (iOS & Android OS) QRacing PC Software
Adopt high sensitivity GPS+GLONASS+QZSS chipset
Bluetooth interface to instantly add GPS to iPhone and Android devices (*Transmitting Qstarz specific protocol only)
10Hz High Speed logging mode to record 1 waypoint every 0.1 second
Years of capacity with Micro SD Card logging and no worry multiple-day track logs
Ultra lower power consumption up to 20 hours operation with Bluetooth connected (under 10Hz)
Removeable and rechargeable Li-Ion battery to ensure full track logs
5 LEDs and Beeper integration to indicate device status
Support POI button to memorize your point of interest immediately
Integrate Acceleration sensor to smartly manage power saving and movement detection
Micro USB port for Charging, data downloading and Firmware updating
G-Mouse + Bluetooth in one: wired and wireless GPS receiver
For Personal/Portable Navigation (Smartphone and PC, etc.)
Download the Qstarz QRacing APP from the App Store for race data analysis
Download the Qstarz BLE GPS View APP from the App Store and Google Play
Bundled with QRacing analysis software (Windows PC)
QRacing APP (iOS)
Apply for Drag Race and Circuit Race
Lap timing and plot chart analysis
Video recording and data overlaying
Lap, Sector, and Split time delta comparison
Enhanced racing data analysis
Auto detect global track map
Save timing records in list and playback
Session data export to CSV format
Racer Profile management
QRacing PC Software (PC Windows)
Record and manage your racing track as database structure
Analyze and plot your racing in graph statistics
Allow to add multiple beacons
Auto detect global track map
Up to 3 lap comparison and replay from different lap or run
Support Windows PC only
GPS Tool: Qstarz BLE GPS View APP (iOS & Android OS)
Support to connect with Qstarz BLE GPS Devices
Show the GNSS status information (GPS/GLONASS)
Show Satellite distribution and GNSS signal strength chart
Support recording GNSS data after GNSS position fixed
Save GPS records and export as CSV files
Show the battery level of the device

Drag Race
Support testing by Speed (0-60km/, 0-100km/h, 0-160km/h, 100-200km/h, 200-300km/h, 100-0km/h), Distance(100m, 200m, 400m, 1000m) or you can also customize your own criteria.

Circuit Race
Support Auto detecting nearby circuits, so just simply click the circuit you can start timing your lap times. Easy, accurate and precise you can count on it.


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