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PhotoFast Call-Recorder iOS MicroSD Cardreader

PhotoFast Call-Recorder iOS MicroSD Cardreader
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The world’s first 3-in-1 mobile and internet phone call recorder for iOS

Record important mobile and internet phone calls.
One touch recording for simple and easy use on any call.
3.5mm headphone jack for call recording and listening to music.
Expandable memory slot to increase storage on your iPhone or iPad.

Recording phone calls, listen to music and expand iOS storage capacity. All in ONE.

Record important phone call's from any popular App

Supports all calls and instant messaging Apps.
One touch recording for simple and easy use on any type of call.

Listen to Music, Watch Movies
You can easily play music and watch movies from microSD cards, to enjoy your multimedia at any time or switch different microSD cards to release storage from your iPhone or iPad.

Protect recordings with Passcode
Protect your data by using a 4 digit security passcode.

Quickly listen to recordings from inside the app
Application contains an internal player to listen to your recordings.

Export and Share recordings
Export and share your recordings to External/Internal Storage or via Email, WhatsApp, SMS or any other App you have installed.

How it works?
1. Connect the “CALL RECORDER” device to your iPhone or iPad
2. The connection automatically leads to download the app “CALL RECORDER+”
3. Open the app “CALL RECORDER+” and choose the Messenger you would like to use (e.g WhatsApp, LINE, WeChat, Skype or general phone call etc.)
4. Start calling and click “RECORD” button to record the conversation, click ”STOP” and the recording file has been created.
5. The recorded conversation will be saved as “M4V” file format.
6. Choose to save it to “External Storage”(Call Recorder+ microSD Card) or “Internal Storage”(In APP storage / space in your iPhone/iPad)

Why it’s so special?
1. iOS devices are not like Android system have free recording system. iOS users will need this!
2. Using Call Recorder is more secure than uploading your conversation to third party’s server and using uncertified paid application.
3. There’s no size limit of the recording files.
4. Support all popular messengers for iOS users.
5. You can use Call Recorder App to edit the recording files.

Target users; Businessmen, businesswomen, journalists or people who would like to keep the phone/messenger conversations. Ideal for intervies, meetings and conference calls.