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Brand: innoXplore
With the introduction of this memo model innoXplore selfie Ring Flash Light, underexposed photos and videos that are created in poorly lit conditions are belonging to the past. This Selfie Ring has three light stage settings which makes it the perfect light support for the front camera of a Smartpho..
Retail Price:€19.99

Brand: Wownew
Almost everyone ever experienced it, in dim light conditions, it is nearly impossible to make a good selfie. Since the front camera is not equipped with a flash light. Pictures taken with the front cam in dim locations are not clear. This Wownew flashlight of Noosy solves this problem. It offers thr..
Retail Price:€24.95

Brand: Cliquefie
CliquefieMini - fashionable, compact stylish This is how CliquefieMini distinguishes itsself from other Selfie Sticks: Intuitive Phone Mount - Double pull tabs for easy one-hand attach / detach mounting actions Compact and lightweight - Fashionable design in various colors, representative a..
Retail Price:€29.99

Brand: Cliquefie
Cliquefie, the Selfie Stick reinvented! Cliquefie Max is recommended by Pixelmania, read the full review here There is not much we need to say about the innovating and unique CliquefieMAX. Take it with you and enjoy it's user friendliness. This is how CliquefieMax distinguishes itsself from ..
Retail Price:€49.99

Brand: Photofast
This unique product offers you 4 useful functionalities. i-Control functions as a remote control with which you can browse by your mobile device. Furthermore it enables you to swiftly type messages for social media or email. The device also provides hands-free functionality so that you can make a ph..
Retail Price:€69.99

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