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iOS File Transfer

Brand: Photofast
Loss of important dataAn English study says that 30% people don’t keep a habit of doing data backup of phones. The Big data indicates that there are 113 phones stollen or lost every one minute globally. The safety of cloud backup is still be doubted and full of uncertainty.Storage 0% left - Which on..
Retail Price: €49.90

BaseQi NinjaDrive TB3 draagbare SSD for MacBooks BaseQi NinjaDrive TB3 draagbare SSD for MacBooks
New Back 2 Back
Brand: BaseQi
NinjaDrive, your reliable friendThe new NinjaDrive SSD is the second generation of external storage solution for Apple MacBook series.It is the fastest portable SSD on planet earth.TB3E12 512GB | MSRP € 299,00 | EAN : 4713273639308TB3E12 1TB | MSRP € 399,00 | EAN : 4713273639315TB3E12 2TB | MSRP € 6..
Retail Price: €299.00

Brand: Photofast
Backup Your Photos While Charging Simply connect PhotoCube to charger and it will backup automatically. Backup and charge at the same time. Exclusive app for Smart File Management Smart backup including photos, contacts and calendars through the i-FlashDrive app. Backup the precious moments aut..
Retail Price: €39.95

Brand: Photofast
Simply place the device on the base and start charging immediately. Detection distance 6mm, case friendly. Safe: low radiation, low temperature, Foreign Object Detection (FOD). Auto power cut when fully charged to protect your battery and prolong battery's life cycle. High quality and elegant design..
Retail Price: €49.99

Brand: BONX
BONX Grip, is a rugged Bluetooth connected earpiece driven by a custom Smartphone APP. Allows 10 people without any range nor a bulky hardware to have a hands-free duplex conversation. The sound quality is incomparable to traditional walkie-talkies and it functions in tough situations; rain, wind, f..
Retail Price: €149.00

Brand: Photofast
World’s first 4-in-1 ightning USB Type-C and iOS flash drive. Cross Platform Exchange of files has become fully hassle free wiht the latest PhotoFast i Type-C. i Type-C supports MAC, Smartphone, Notebook and Smart TV and uniquely combines the 4 main stream interfaces in 1 compact product. The free o..
Retail Price: €79.99

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