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Schuberth SRC M1 Duo communication system Single or Duo - powered by cardo

Schuberth SRC M1 Duo communication system Single or Duo - powered by cardo
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  • Model Schuberth M1
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Until recently, it was virtually impossible to build a fully integrated communications system into a helmet within a couple of minutes. But thanks to the sublime integration of the Schuberth Rider Communication System (SRC) system, you no longer need to be a technician to do this. Simply click the SRC system on the back of your helmet and you are ready to go. This integration of the communication system is not only very practical.

It mainly benefits the aerodynamics and aeroacoustics. Because the SRC system is positioned at the back of the helmet, it will not change the noise level of the super silent Schuberth helmet. The SRC-System was developed in collaboration with Cardo Systems, the worldwide number one in the field of Bluetooth communication. So you are guaranteed of the quality of a premium bluetooth communication in your premium Schuberth motorcycle helmet.

Schuberth SRC M1 Single - EAN 4017765063481 - Retailprice € 189,95
Schuberth SRC M1 Duo - EAN 4017765063498 - Retailprice € 319,95

Features Schuberth M-1:
• Bike to bike up to a range of 500m.
• Rider-passenger-intercom.
• Click-to-Link®-intercom: Spontaneous connection with random riders in your neighbourhood.

• Mobile phones / gps / mp3-player (2 Bluetooth connections).

• Wireless live music through devices which support Bluetooth stereo A2DP devices-and-AVRCP profiles.

Cardo Community en Cardo SmartSet App:
• Adjust the settings to suit your needs download software upgrades, enhancements and new features
  * App available on Android and iOS devices.

Advanced technology:
• AGC (Automatic Gain Control) provides automatically adjusting the speaker volume to the running speed and the 
  environmental noise.  You can also use the volume control. The AGC-values, can be customized to your personal
• Vox technology provides a safe hands-free operation of the important functions.
  The VOX sensitivity can be customized to your personal preference.
• Software PLC (Packet Loss Concealment) compensates for live audio loss that may occur under severe
  environmental conditions.
• Spoken status reports so that you always know with whom or which device you are connected to.
• Volume per part (Volume per Mode): for every audio source its own ideal volume can be determined and