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Qstarz BL-818GT BLE 10Hz Wireless GNSS GPS Racing Receiver

Qstarz BL-818GT BLE 10Hz Wireless GNSS GPS Racing Receiver
Qstarz BL-818GT BLE 10Hz Wireless GNSS GPS Racing Receiver
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Qstarz BL-818GT BLE 10Hz Wireless GNSS GPS Racing Receiver
Qstarz BL-818GT BLE 10Hz Wireless GNSS GPS Racing Receiver
Qstarz BL-818GT BLE 10Hz Wireless GNSS GPS Racing Receiver
  • Availability: Soon
  • Model BL-818GT
  • EAN: 4712487810541
Retail Price: €159.00

Qstarz International CO., Ltd has just announce the new generation of BL-818GT,designed with Bluetooth LE 4.0 GNSS Racing Receiver that includes QRacing App iOS and Android version on November 2019. Qstars users can download from App Store and Google Play store for free. BL-818GT totally fulfills the demands to all mobile phone users!

BL-818GT is not only a Bluetooth 4.0 GNSS Racing Receiver, but also provides the total solution for racing enthusiasts. BL-818GT integrates the GNSS characteristic on 10Hz of track recording,immediate analysis,video combined with data sharing your Drag race or circuit race activities..Users can easily view race result with video overlay on mobile phone or export to share with friends.

Main features on BL-818GT:
Portable Bluetooth 4.0 GNSS Racing Receiver to measure driving performance
10Hz high speed recording excellent for racing activities
Bluetooth LE 4.0 low power consumption connect to iPhone or Android devices
Analyze Circuit Lap timing or Drag performance test
GNSS engine and acceleration sensor enable
Support race analysis comparison and video with data overlay on the smart phone QRacing APP

Drag Race timing
It support the timing conditions from speed (0-60km/h, 0-100km/h, 0-160km/h, 100-200km/h, 200-300km/h, 100-0km/h), distance(100m, 200m, 400m, 1000m), or custom your own criteria which is suitable for performance test or gear tuning.
Circuit Race timing
It support auto detecting the global circuits around 600 tracks in database. Circuit Race is timing to compare and analyze lap times, time difference, or speed, etc. While you go to different track circuits, BL-818GT can auto detect nearby circuits and select the track you want to run and go. So easy and efficient!

Advanced hardware features
Compared with BT-818XT, BL-818GT built in the Bluetooth LE 4.0 for QRacing APP and acceleration sensor for G-force status. The BL-818GT is a valued-added racing total solution to have QRacing APP to operate. User does not worry the multiple-day track days, and can record years of race activities.

Video with Data overlay and share to friends
Qstarz BL-818GT of total solution can enable mobile phone of camera to measure & video-record the drag race or circuit race at the same time. Viewing the video overlay containing map, graph directly and video exporting function can easily share to friends.

Powerful QRacing APP + QRacing Web Service
To improving the racing performance is always easier than before. Beside QRacing APP, BL-818GT is packaged with QWS (QRacing Web Service) cloud platform. QRacing provides best continuous lap time and best theoretical lap timer, moreover, we allows user to compare three different laps at once. It will be a great help for your next racing. By replay data, you can clearly see how you turn your corner and make adjustment in the future. Track view integration with Acceleration/Brake line is track rotatable. QRacing BL-818GT gives you a full experience of racing efforts and a better understanding of improvements that can be made you on the next time track.

App Analysis Screenshot:


QWS is QStarz new QRacing Web Service, which provide the service to backup and synchronize the session recorded by your QRacig app. Users can review their history records in any computer & place when logged in their account.  QStarz will keep providing more new features in QWS in the future. 

QWS Screeshot:

Qstarz BL-818GT Specifications  (pfd) | Comparison  BL-818GT and BL-1000GT (.jpg) | Qstarz BL-818GT DM Brochure  (.jpg)

Media-Kit can be downloaded via the following Dropbox |link|