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Q-Band Q-69HR Fitnesstracker Remote Care - SOS - works with Strava

Q-Band Q-69HR Fitnesstracker Remote Care - SOS - works with Strava
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The all new Q-69HR comes with 160x80 TFT LCD colorful screen, stylish and exquisite design with scratch resistant surface. Its LCD screen allowing more information at a glance. In addition, Q-69HR provides not only further power efficiency, but also 95% accurate measured readings, including pace, speed, and distance.

160 x 80 pixel color display will be able to show total 80 characters up to 5 lines of message displayed. The CD pattern button design reflects a more elegant characteristic of the product itself.

With i-CareU Life you will be able to care your remote family members who wear Q-69HR. They can share their health data such as activity log, sleep quality, weight record, resting heart rate, deep sleep heart rate and instant heart rate with you. With these data you can see whether your family members have a good sleep, whether they did regular exercise or felt uncomfortable yesterday (according to their activity log or abnormal rise of heart rate). It is good to make a call to care your family members base on their health data. i-CareU Life provides Anomaly Alert. You will receive notification base on your setting. In addition, you can use i-CareU Life to know your family members’ where-about. 

SOS Panic Button
Q-69HR is built-in with SOS panic button. When you encounter an emergency or accidental fall you can quick tap Q-69HR touch button to start emergency SOS procedure. Q-69HR will wirelessly command i-gotU Life APP to launch emergency SOS procedure, send your location and help message to your emergency contacts via SMS, and then automatically calls them.

Smart Notification
Q-69HR will display notifications of emails, calendar events, text message, LINE, Facebook, WeChat, WhatsApp, etc. You can also configure Q-69HR to display notification from any Apps installed on your phone. Notifications will be alerted with lit screen, vibration, and text. It will show caller ID or phone number upon incoming call. In addition, out-of-range vibration alert is also built in to prevent from you forgetting to bring your phone.

Resting & Deep Sleep Heart Rate
Q-69HR will detect, record, and chart your resting heart rate when you lie down for you to understand your index of fatique. Indicating your lowest heart rate during your deep sleep cycle for understanding your recovery status from sleep.

Essential Features - Power Saving for 7 Days Usage
You can use Q-69HR up to 7 days with notification enabled and heart rate detection disabled. If you enable 24 hours continuously heart rate detection, then you can use Q-69HR up to 5 days without charging.

Multiple-sport mode & Connected GPS
Q-69HR synchronizes your workout routes and other information on mobile App, allowing you to check the analytical charts, add friends to encourage and share workout information with each other. The user-friendly interface offers workout data collection and analysis, as well as synchronization with Apple Health and Strava accounts.

95% Accurate Metrics
If you use Q-69HR to track 3 or more runs using connected GPS (connected to your smartphone GPS), it automatically calibrates your stride length using an exclusive algorithm to deliver highly accurate step, distance, and speed. Once this is done your measured speed and distance will be up to 95% of accuracy even you run without carrying your phone. This GPS calibrated stride makes Q-69HR out-perform other wristbands in the market that are only of 70% accurate.

Log your heart rate during your workout. Create your own chart according to selected parameters. With continuous heart rate monitoring, you can achieve your workout plan by tracking accurate calorie burned, as well as optimize your workout goal by using real-time heart rate zones throughout your exercises.

Sleeping Tracking & Silent Alarm
Q-69HR can track your sleeping quality to help you work toward a better routine. By setting the alarm clock in the APP, Q-69HR will awake you via soundless vibration, allowing you to get up from a good-night sleep without a rush.

The luxury of all-day activity tracking with style
Q-Band Q-69HR motivates you to reach your health and fitness goals by tracking every part of your day, including activity, exercise, sleep, and weight — to help find your fit and stay motivated.


Records your daily activities, including steps, calories, sleep time, and etc. in a collaborative screen page, allowing you to follow up your body state in activities all day. The dashboard can be customized with desired style.

Offers GPS-tracked heart rate data to understand your workout state better.

Analyses your sleeping states, so as to offer advice for improvement.

Record your heart rate 24 hours continuously with chart detail of your average heart rate.

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