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plugNlock anchor tool for Smartphones and Tablets

plugNlock anchor tool for Smartphones and Tablets
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A Smartphone is a precious and indispensable personal possession. Have you ever lost or dropped your phone? Or how about the increasing number of cases where the pickpockets have targetted your smartphone? With plugNlock you always have your phone close at hand, create extra grip to your device or anchor your smartphone quickly and easily by means of a cord attached to your belt. You don't want to grab for your phone in your pocket every time? Carry your smartphone convenient at your chest with plugNlock!

EAN: 8718104281240 plugNlock Ambassador Chrome
EAN: 8718104281257 plugNlock Fashion Black

The creators have been thinking of a universal system that would allow to achieve a firm link to the device, non-invasive and especially nice to see.

All components of the plugNlock are designed to make it compact and functional, and above all unique.

It is very simple to use: the plugNlock fits into the headphone hole and all you have to do is screw it in.

Just a couple of turns and pluggy is firmly in!

This makes the plugNlock a cool gadget you can’t do without.

The component that holds the plugNlock to the device is the rubber element in the center. It is deformed into the earphone jack when the pluggy is screwed. On the contrary it returns to its original shape when the plug is unscrewed.

plugNlock is a patented system that allows us to hook our smartphones or tablets to:
• Lanyard • Key chains • Pendants • Touch pens • Bags