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PhotoFast MemoriesCable Lightning USB

PhotoFast MemoriesCable Lightning USB
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Store and manage data, automatically backs up iOS device while charging your iPhone/iPad. Combine the two most used mobile accessoires - external storage and charging cable into one sleek design. The MemoriesCable by PhotoFast is the new way to expand your memory on the go.

Read the very positive reviews at link and Appletips link

Smooth metal gray alumunium alloy surface with diamond cut finish. Protect your data with durable hardware construcion. It's the perfect balance between design and functionality.

Slim & Elegant Storage wherever you go
Back up and restore (Contact/Calender/Photo/Cloud)
Lightning / USB 2.0 / 3.0 high speed data transfer rate

MemoriesCableU2-32GB SKU# USB 2.0 32GB EAN 4712764482423 Retailprice: € 89,95 (incl. VAT) (End of Life - No longer available)
MemoriesCableU2-64GB SKU# USB 2.0 64GB EAN 4712764482430 Retailprice: € 119,95 (incl. VAT) (End of Life - No longer available)

MemoriesCableU3-32GB SKU# USB 3.0 32GB EAN 4712764482379 Retailprice: € 99,95 (incl. VAT)
MemoriesCableU3-64GB SKU# USB 3.0 64GB SKU# EAN 4712764482386 Retailprice: € 119,95 (incl. VAT)
MemoriesCableU3-128GB SKU# USB 3.0 128GB SKU# EAN 4712764482393 Retailprice: € 199,95 (incl. VAT) (End of Life - No longer available)

The next evolution of storage

Manufacturer :

Media Kit with Product Pictures PhotoFast MemoriesCable (.ZIP format): [Media_Kit]

Product brochure PhotoFast MemoriesCable U2 (PDF) : [Brochure PDF]

Product brochure PhotoFast MemoriesCable U3 (PDF) : [Brochure PDF]

Datasheet MemoriesCable U2 .JPEG format : [Download]

Datasheet MemoriesCable U3 .JPEG format : [Download]

YouTube ‘How to’ tutorials:

Videos to be added to the YouTube ‘How to’ tutorials are:
1. Google Drive.
2. iCloud Drive
3. Baidu
4. FB Album
5. Tumblr
6. Calendar Backup
7. Photo Backup.
8. Google Drive Auto Backup

‘How to’ tutorials will soon be available within the i-FlashDrive ONE app under ‘Video Tutorial’ (which will be linked to YouTube).

Quick Start Guide within i-FlashDrive ONE app:
FAQ in the settings - Scroll down and you will see the PDF (same as on the website:, which offers detailed info of app functionality.
The PDF can be downloaded from the website. From the APP it can only be viewed.