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PhotoFast iType-C 4-in-1 microSD Card Reader 4GB

PhotoFast iType-C 4-in-1 microSD Card Reader 4GB
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  • Model iType-C Reader
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4-in-1 microSD Card Reader Made for Apple Devices including free 4GB MicroSD memory card

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USB-C microSD Card Reader for Apple
iType-C Reader is a portable storage device that combines card reader functionalities to provide a flexible capacity expansion solution for iOS devices. Storage is not a limitation anymore, the choice is all yours.

Designed for the New MacBook Pro Equipped with USB-C Connectors
iType-C Reader is fully compatible with the new MacBook and MacBook Pro to transfer your data. Its certified Lightning connector provides extra storage capacity to your iPhone / iPad. An additional adapter with microUSB and USB-A integration, is set to complete four mainstream interfaces in one. With this combination the iType-C Reader is capable of cross-platform data transfer between the type-C connector and all your smart devices right away.

Ease to Use Plug & Play
The iType-C Reader offers seamless exchange of data between iOS / macOS / Windows / Android / Linux / Smart TV and other smart devices.

Supports iPhone and Android Phones!
iType-C Reader is your bridge between iOS and Android devices. USB Type-C is the future of mainstream data transmission. Many well-known mobile phone brands have already launched USB-C smart phones with type-C transmission ports as the main interface. iType-C Reader is ready to go on all platforms.

Lightweight Convenience for Multi-Platform Communication All Packed in One!
Compact lightweight and thin, the iType-C Reader weights only 7.6g. A flip cover cap protects the Lightning connector. For easy storage, the iType-C Reader and the USB-C to USB/microUSB in one adaptor, are protected by an elegant and portable accessory case.

Perfect Solution for Video Enthusiasts Handy for Switching microSD Cards
iType-C Reader. Plug in your microSD card to view memorable photos or play your videos anywhere. View professional camera RAW files, read EXIF data, upload to social media and even backup at the same time.

Connect with Different Devices to Make Life More Simplistic!
iType-C Reader reads data of any device with microSD card instantly, such as: GoPro, Drone, Dash Cam or Camera. Play 4K videos on your phone directly. Transfer music, videos, photos and files to any computer or view and listen through smart TV or your car audio system.

Quickly Backup Data to Easily Free up Space on Your iPhone
Out of storage! Backup your data and free up space on your iPhone. Press one button to backup your contacts, calendar and photos. Through iType-C Reader and PhotoFast ONE App transfer all your valuable information to your microSD card without the need to synchronize with iTunes.

Listen to Music, Watch Movies and Enjoy Entertainment at Any Time
iType-C Reader supports mainstream video formats, allowing you direct access to all your music and videos. The iType-C Reader can smoothly play 4K ultra high-definition films and even stream media to playback on your device using AirPlay. Media entertainment for your pleasure with no strings attach.

Online Data Backup and File Management
Integrated with cloud systems such as Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud Drive and Windows OneDrive. Uploading or downloading your data to the cloud can be done conveniently and securely.

Access and Backup Popular Social Media Content
Dedicated to our modern online lifestyle. iType-C Reader offers direct access to popular social media platforms and media backup like Facebook album backup, Instagram and Tumblr. Or watch videos from Youtube and Vimeo.

PhotoFast ONE App
PhotoFast ONE APP provides over 30 practical functions, including: backup and recovery of photos and data, recording, data compression and encryption, browsing of popular social media and file downloading, browsing, modification, uploading and downloading from cloud platforms etc. ONE APP is the ideal file management solution for your iPhone / iPad!