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Photofast i-FlashDrive MAX U3 Lightning/USB3.0 for iOS & Mac/PC

Photofast i-FlashDrive MAX U3 Lightning/USB3.0 for iOS & Mac/PC
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A revolutionary and affordable way to manage all your Multimedia files!
Create backups easily without the need for an internet connection.
Keep your files safe always and privately without without the intervention of third parties.
No iTunes needed for the exchange of files.

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Combined with the i-FlashDrive EVO App you now have the most powerful accessory available for your iPhone and iPad today. Bringing together all your files such as Music, Video, Photos and Documents into one convenient place has never been so easy. The i-FlashDrive MAX allows you to transfer your files quickly and easily without any concern about file types, converting or syncing between all your iOS devices and even Mac’s/PC’s.

Advantages of MAX USB 2.0 and 3.0 products:
- Smallest iOS storage device in the World - no question
- Running the i-FlashDrive ONE app. Greater functionality for the end user
- USB 2.0 speeds to allow us to offer same solution as competitors but with added advantage on the app and device size

Photofast i-FlashDrive MAX U3 Lightning/USB3.0 voor iOS & Mac/PC

i-FlashDrive MAX U3 32GB SKU# IFDMAX32GB EAN 4712764482225 Retailprice: € 79,95 (incl. VAT)
i-FlashDrive MAX U3 64GB SKU# IFDMAX64GB EAN 4712764482232 Retailprice: € 99,95 (incl. VAT)
i-FlashDrive MAX U3 128GB SKU# IFDMAX128GB EAN 4712764482249 Retailprice: € 149,95 (incl. VAT)

The most hassle free way ever to move around files from and to  iOS - Mac/PC