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Photofast iFlashDrive

i-FlashDrive, the best total file management solution to backup and manage your personal files (Photos, Contacts and Calendar) and Social Media for iOS devices. This is the successor of the renowned CR 8800. Market Leading Design and Technology • iPhone X, iPhone 8 compatible card reader. ..
Retail Price: €49.99

Backup Your Photos While Charging Simply connect PhotoCube to charger and it will backup automatically. Backup and charge at the same time. Exclusive app for Smart File Management Smart backup including photos, contacts and calendars through the i-FlashDrive app. Backup the precious moments aut..
Retail Price: €39.95

Simply place the device on the base and start charging immediately. Detection distance 6mm, case friendly. Safe: low radiation, low temperature, Foreign Object Detection (FOD). Auto power cut when fully charged to protect your battery and prolong battery's life cycle. High quality and elegant design..
Retail Price: €49.99

The world’s first 3-in-1 mobile and internet phone call recorder for iOS Record important mobile and internet phone calls. One touch recording for simple and easy use on any call. 3.5mm headphone jack for call recording and listening to music. Expandable memory slot to increase storage on your..
Retail Price: €109.99

4-in-1 microSD Card Reader Made for Apple Devices including free 4GB MicroSD memory card Read more extended info regarding iType C 4-in-1 Cardreader on Appletips USB-C microSD Card Reader for Apple iType-C Reader is a portable storage device that combines card reader functionalities to provide a ..
Retail Price: €79.99

World’s Most Powerful iOS SD Card Reader CR-8710 allows you to view and manage photos between your Camera and iDevice on the go. Designed For Professional Users. Subtle matte black coloring matches the professional camera look and supports Major SD card brands. This product does not contain a (micro..
Retail Price: €39.99

The 4K iReader opens up a World of opportunities for photo and video enthusiasts like never before. From photographers to videographers and action camera thrill seekers to drone pilots; the 4K iReader accepts microSD cards from a wide range of devices, making everything accessible at an instant on y..
Retail Price: €39.99

World’s first 4-in-1 ightning USB Type-C and iOS flash drive. Cross Platform Exchange of files has become fully hassle free wiht the latest PhotoFast i Type-C. i Type-C supports MAC, Smartphone, Notebook and Smart TV and uniquely combines the 4 main stream interfaces in 1 compact product. The free o..
Retail Price: €79.99

Photo Backup Cable : Made for Photo Addicts Backup Photos & Charge you iOS device 2-in-1 one meter i-FlashDrive Cable. Backup and charge simultaneously. Connect the Photo Backup Cable to a power bank or to a computer with USB port while backing up to charge your iOS device. Exclusive PhotoFast..
Retail Price: €54.99

The new CR-8800 is world's smallest iOS MicroSD card reader. One of the fastest in its category, safe and reliable. And therefore perfect for storage, transfer, backup and data streaming. CR-8800 supports a maximum of 128GB of additional storage for iPhone, iPad and iPod. From an energy saving point..
Retail Price: €49.99

Store and manage data, automatically backs up iOS device while charging your iPhone/iPad. Combine the two most used mobile accessoires - external storage and charging cable into one sleek design. The MemoriesCable by PhotoFast is the new way to expand your memory on the go. Read the very positive..
Retail Price: €89.95

A revolutionary and affordable way to manage all your Multimedia files! Create backups easily without the need for an internet connection. Keep your files safe always and privately without without the intervention of third parties. No iTunes needed for the exchange of files. Read the very positi..
Retail Price: €99.95

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