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Brand: Photofast
PhotoFast Anti-Virus Filter for PhotoFast AM9500 Face Mask - KN95 grade Personal Air-PurifierPhotoFast SKU#  AM95filter30 EAN 4712764485608 Retailprice: : € 34,95 (incl. BTW) (packed in 1 outer box per 60 retailboxes)PhotoFast SKU#  AM95filter60 EAN 4712764485615 Retailprice: : € 44,95 (in..
Retail Price: €34.50

Brand: Photofast
Using N95 masks for long period of time may result in:Dizziness due to lack of oxygenNasal related conditions  Read the full hands on review by Portablegear (Dutch) here |Link|Build in Air-Circulation SystemRemoves CO2, Heat and MoistureBuild in Air-Circulation SystemRemoves CO2, Heat a..
Retail Price: €99.00

Brand: Photofast
Backup Your Photos While Charging Simply connect PhotoCube to charger and it will backup automatically. Backup and charge at the same time. Exclusive app for Smart File Management Smart backup including photos, contacts and calendars through the i-FlashDrive app. Backup the precious moments aut..
Retail Price: €39.95

Brand: Photofast
Simply place the device on the base and start charging immediately. Detection distance 6mm, case friendly. Safe: low radiation, low temperature, Foreign Object Detection (FOD). Auto power cut when fully charged to protect your battery and prolong battery's life cycle. High quality and elegant design..
Retail Price: €49.99

Brand: Photofast
World’s first 4-in-1 ightning USB Type-C and iOS flash drive. Cross Platform Exchange of files has become fully hassle free wiht the latest PhotoFast i Type-C. i Type-C supports MAC, Smartphone, Notebook and Smart TV and uniquely combines the 4 main stream interfaces in 1 compact product. The free o..
Retail Price: €79.99

Brand: Photofast
Photo Backup Cable : Made for Photo Addicts Backup Photos & Charge you iOS device 2-in-1 one meter i-FlashDrive Cable. Backup and charge simultaneously. Connect the Photo Backup Cable to a power bank or to a computer with USB port while backing up to charge your iOS device. Exclusive PhotoFast..
Retail Price: €54.99

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