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Pavoscreen Premium Tempered Gorilla Ultrathin Glass Screenprotector for Tablets

Pavoscreen Premium Tempered Gorilla Ultrathin Glass Screenprotector for Tablets
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The ultimate protection for your Smartphone and Tablet

Pavoscreen for iPhone is a professional screen protector and the patented product. It's designed to keep the screen from unwanted scrape and damages by using Corning corporation Gorilla ultrathin glass with tempered processed that is reinforced to enhance force adsorption. The entire surface of Pavoscreen is transparent, back side is covered by electrostatic self-Adsorbed material which brings the best sticking experience you ever had. Pavoscreen can stick tightly and fast-easy install on the screen. Perfect touching sensitivity as there are no air between screen and Pavoscreen.

  • Alcohol Swab
  • PVC Squeegee
  • Tempered Glass Screen Protector
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • Epoxy-Coated Gel Home Buttons
  • Dust-removal sticker

EAN Codes:
8718104281035 (Apple IPad 2/3/4)
8718104281042 (Apple iPad mini)
8718104281103 (Apple iPad mini 2)
8718104281097 (Apple iPad Air)
8718104281059 (Samsung N8000) 
8718104281066 (Samsung N5100 )
8718104281073 (Samsung P5100)
8718104281080 (Samsung P5210)

8718104281141 (Samsung Note 10.1 edition 2014)


High Resolution Pictures Pavoscreen Tablet : [Picture 1]  [Picture 2]  [Picture 3]  [Picture 4]

Additional Lifestyle Product Pictures: [Pic 1]  [Pic 2] [Pic 3] [Pic 4]

High Resulotion pictures: [Pic 1 (iPhone4-4S)]  [Pic 2 (iPhone5)]

Pavoscreen Introduction (ENG) (PDF) : [Link]
Installation instruction (ENG)] : [Link]
Vergelijkende tabel / Comparison Table : [Link]
Persbericht in Word .doc formaat : [Link]

Imported Gorillaglass for Pavoscreen production
Special anti-shatter film is imported from Japan, can be washed with water and is reusable
Tiny dust can be covered without any influence so it won't make any bubbles
Pavoscreen glass is 0.4 mm thickness with rounded edges and the thickness of the thinest place is 0.25 mm
The 0.4mm thickness can protect a mobile phone display better
Adsorbed layer thickness 0.125mm (Total thickness 0.525)
Smooth anti-chip edges of the glass 0.525 (competitors are mostly 0.53mm thickness)
Pavoscreen cutting process is with laser machine and not with die cut
Factory had 12 years experience (original glass screen for Canon, Nikon, Olympus)
Patented design
Outer Retail packaging is very solid and safe