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Pavoscreen Premium Tempered Gorilla Ultrathin Glass Screenprotector For iPhone 7 Edge to Edge

Pavoscreen Premium Tempered Gorilla Ultrathin Glass Screenprotector For iPhone 7 Edge to Edge
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The ultimate protection for your Smartphone and Tablet

As the only manufacturer Pavoscreen has produced a so-called edge to edge screen protector, which covers the entire screen of the iPhone 7. This thickness of this glass screen protector is shaped exactly in accordance with the curve of the display, so that full adhesion over the entire surface of the screen is achieved. The available Pavoscreens for iPhone 7 including EAN codes at a glance:

6959623901826 - GLS18901 iPhone 7 (Edge to Edge with Applicator Tool) BLACK
6959623901833 - GLS19002 iPhone 7(Edge to Edge with Applicator Tool) WHITE

Pavoscreen for iPhone is a professional screen protector and the patented product. It's designed to keep the screen from unwanted scrape and damages by using Corning corporation Gorilla ultrathin glass with tempered processed that is reinforced to enhance force adsorption. The entire surface of Pavoscreen is transparent, back side is covered by electrostatic self-Adsorbed material which brings the best sticking experience you ever had. Pavoscreen can stick tightly and fast-easy install on the screen. Perfect touching sensitivity as there are no air between screen and Pavoscreen.

Pavoscreen glass screenprotectors will not show rainbow or white border effects upon switching off display.
Because of the curve in the glass, glass screenprotectors are vulnarable for breaking. Pavoscreen is strenthened to prevent the screenprotector from breaking. A problem which occurs with other less quality glass screenprotectors.

  • Alcohol Swab
  • PVC Squeegee
  • Tempered Glass Screen Protector
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • Epoxy-Coated Gel Home Buttons
  • Dust-removal sticker
  • Applicator tool

Pavoscreen for iPhone7 combined with case, protective sleeve or bumber users information.
iPhone 7 users, please read this. Below please find the official input from the Pavoscreen Manufacturer. Not all cases, protective covers and bumpers are suitable for usage with  Pavoscreen for iPhone 7. For more information and images please see this [Link]

Situation 1: After many times test, we found some types of iPhone 7 cases can't be used at the same time with our 3D Curved Edge to Edge Glass Screen Protector. Because there is a curved plastic frame on each glass, if the cases' edge is too high and reach to plastic frame, then push the protector and create air bubbles.

Situation 2: The plastic frame was elevated lead to deformation, so have bubbles in this situation. And, deformation was caused during installing the installer or using the installer;

Situation 3: There was dust on the self adsorbed glass layer, especially on the white or black frame area that the dust can't been seen easily, then bubbles;

Situation 4: We have tested many phones, different versions in North America market, Taiwan market and European market. We found that most of the glass screen protectors fit perfectly, only a few is not so good. The real reason is: there are different suppliers to do the touch screen for APPLE. Within the range of acceptable tolerances, they did different touch screen, especially the curved size on edges. As attached "bubbles", if there are bubbles on both of left and right side, waiting more than 24hrs but still the same, mainly because of the curved screen.