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Brand: Cardo
De Freecom 1 Plus is de opvolger van de populaire Freecom 1 FM. De Freecom 1 Plus is nu ook uitgerust met een bestuurder naar passagier intercom. Ideaal dus voor mensen die alleen of met zijn tweeën op de motor zitten. Om deze reden is de Freecom 1 Plus zowel in een Single als in een Duo uitvoering ..
Retail Price: €139.95

Brand: Qstarz
The Qstarz BL-1000ST is your ultimate travel companion. It effortlessly registers every trip and every Point of Interest. You equip this ingenious device with a Micro SD card on which you can record numerous trips. Ultra low energy and long operating time, also when the BL-1000ST is connected to a S..
Retail Price: €149.90

Brand: Qstarz
Racing fanatics can flawlessly record their performance and steering skills with the new 10Hz BL 1000GT Race Recorder. This ultra fast Data Logger logs no less than 1 waypoint per 0.1 second for the highest possible accuracy. Supports GPS GLONASS QZSS (GNSS Global Navigation Satellite System) satell..
Retail Price: €249.00

Brand: Photofast
Backup Your Photos While Charging Simply connect PhotoCube to charger and it will backup automatically. Backup and charge at the same time. Exclusive app for Smart File Management Smart backup including photos, contacts and calendars through the i-FlashDrive app. Backup the precious moments aut..
Retail Price: €39.95

Brand: Nexum
MEMO | smart speaker.amazing life memo is the most compact WiFi+Bluetooth speaker. With speakers this size, we push it to the maximum performance to provide you with the optimal experience. Thanks to our years of sound engineering experience. Built-In Magnet Design Have you ever think of ..
Retail Price: €99.00

Interphone iCase Holder for Motorcycle - iPhone X Interphone iCase Holder for Motorcycle - iPhone X
In Stock
The dedicated holders allow you to attach your smartphone to the handlebars of your motorbike and guarantee maximum protection for your phone from bumps, falls and the weather throughout your journey. The support bracket with safety closure can be rotated 360° to find the best position for your pho..
Retail Price: €69.95

Brand: Photofast
Simply place the device on the base and start charging immediately. Detection distance 6mm, case friendly. Safe: low radiation, low temperature, Foreign Object Detection (FOD). Auto power cut when fully charged to protect your battery and prolong battery's life cycle. High quality and elegant design..
Retail Price: €49.99

Interphone Edge Series Interphone Edge Series
In Stock
Interfono for group communicatIon Edge is the ideal intercom for those who want to take advantage of both functionality and technology; its compact design allows easy access to multiple functions. The controls are designed to activate the intercom while responding to the main requirement of al..
Retail Price: €189.00

The intercom to connect two motorciclyst The intercom to connect pilot and passenger Interphone Shape is the perfect mix between a cool design and a high performance intercom. Shape allows drivers to communicate with their passengers without interfering with helmet style. Shape is compatibl..
Retail Price: €129.00

De intercom waarmee twee motorrijders aan elkaar gekoppeld kunnen worden. Interphone Link is de ideale intercom voor communicatie van motor naar motor tot een afstand van 300 meter en opvolger van de gerenommeerde Interphone Urban. Belangrijkste verschillen tussen de Urban en de Link op een rijtje..
Retail Price: €159.00

Brand: BONX
BONX Grip, is a rugged Bluetooth connected earpiece driven by a custom Smartphone APP. Allows 10 people without any range nor a bulky hardware to have a hands-free duplex conversation. The sound quality is incomparable to traditional walkie-talkies and it functions in tough situations; rain, wind, f..
Retail Price: €279.00

Brand: CamFi
CamFi Pro | The next generation of wireless camera controller | 802.11 ac / 5.8G Hz / Ultrafast (Available February/March) 'Tests show the CamFi Pro can reach the speeds of 10M bytes per second in reality, two to three times faster than CamFi remote camera controller ( CF102 ) or built-in Wi-Fi c..
Retail Price: €299.00

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