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Interphone Edge Series Interphone Edge Series
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Interfono for group communicatIon Edge is the ideal intercom for those who want to take advantage of both functionality and technology; its compact design allows easy access to multiple functions. The controls are designed to activate the intercom while responding to the main requirement of al..
Retail Price:€189.00

The intercom to connect two motorciclyst The intercom to connect pilot and passenger Interphone Shape is the perfect mix between a cool design and a high performance intercom. Shape allows drivers to communicate with their passengers without interfering with helmet style. Shape is compatibl..
Retail Price:€129.00

De intercom waarmee twee motorrijders aan elkaar gekoppeld kunnen worden. Interphone Link is de ideale intercom voor communicatie van motor naar motor tot een afstand van 300 meter en opvolger van de gerenommeerde Interphone Urban. Belangrijkste verschillen tussen de Urban en de Link op een rijtje..
Retail Price:€159.00

Ideal for everyday use Enhance your movements round the city with the new Interphone Start. Interphone with dual stereo headset for a more crisp sound, Bluetooth connection to Smartphones and GPS navigators for added security and an incredibly slim and elegant design. Functional but discreet A Bl..
Retail Price:€89.95

  The ideal intercom for long journeys in groups Interphone Tour is the flagship product in the new Interphone line from Cellularline. Incomparable build quality and elegant design are the hallmarks of this new intercom, which is distinguished by a Matt Grey shell. Interphone Tour can link..
Retail Price:€279.00

The ideal intercom for traveling together and to stay connected Interphone Sport is the intercom for people who love to stay connected. Thanks to Bluetooth® connectivity with your smartphone, you can listen to music with hi-fi sound quality and receive instructions from your navigator. And, you ca..
Retail Price:€229.00

Interphone Urban Series Interphone Urban Series
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  The ideal intercom for work and entertainment Interphone Urban is the intercom for city use that's dynamic, reliable and compatible with all types of helmets on the market. With Interphone Urban, you can receive calls during your commute between work and home, and follow instructions from..
Retail Price:€139.00

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