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LINKA WiFI HD Audio streamer for in car usage - By Nexum

LINKA WiFI HD Audio streamer for in car usage - By Nexum
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LINKA - Direct Upgrade for the Car's AUX-in with WiFI HD Audio

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WiFi Audio | Airplay + DLNA for Car's stereo
Once you have experienced WiFi audio, you will love this amazing technology. Better and more efficient than Bluetooth audio streaming. Simple and one time installation enables you to play music from any mobile device.

Why is LINKA the best choice, compared to Bluetooth audio streaming?

Truly High Resolution Wireless Audio - Most of Bluetooth devices use A2DP (compression audio) which not really high resolution audio. With LINKA you will truly enjoy pure and uncompressed audio via WiFi.
No Message alarm - Due to usage of WiFi technology, no more message alarm will come out from your Speakers again. If you use a Bluetooth streaming device, the music will be interrupted by social media messages continuously.
JAM Music - LINKA allows multiple devices to get connected. Every mobile device can play it's favorite music over WIFi at anytime. Bluetooth requires pairing & un-pairing between devices.

Design Concept & Idea of LINKA

HiFi Audio Quality over Wireless without compression
24bit / 192Khz support by DLNA

Zero Noise
Built-in power isolation technology. No more noise sound, caused by current/voltage from car battery generator.

High Performance DAC Chip inside
Wolfson WM8988 high efficiency DAC Chip built-in. (SNR 100dB / THD-90dB @ 48Khz)

High Resolution UPOCC Audio Cable
Ultra Pure OCC processs copper cable built-in which provides truly high quality audio perfomance.

JAM Music
Support multiplayer connection at the same time. Just play your favorite music from anyone at anytime.

Fast Boot
Extremely fast boot up system. Only 7 seconds (regularly it takes 30 seconds). You don't need to wait for the system to be ready.

No Message Alarm from Social Media
You will never get interrupted by notification sounds from Skype, Whatsapp, facebook etc. via the car's speakers when connected to LINKA via WiFi. So you can enjoy music without being disturbed.

Question: If I connect my Smartphone to LINKA via Wifi, can I still use my 3G/4G connection?
Answer: LINKA is designed to allow iPhone users to still use their 3G/4G network. This is not the case with Android.