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Joopic Laser Generator for CamBuddy Pro

Joopic Laser Generator for CamBuddy Pro
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  • Model JPLG11701
  • EAN: 6970850236512
Retail Price:€39.00

The laser generator designed specific for CamBuddy Pro and is used for laser trigger shooting of Cambuddy Pro.

CamBuddy Pro has a built-in laser sensor, located in the middle of the front indicator light, in laser shooting mode, when the laser is interrupted, CamBuddy Pro will automatically trigger the camera to shoot.

Note that in the package of the laser generator, a portable power bank is also included.

Set your camera to go off when something breaking a laser beam aimed at CamBuddy Pro. Capture the transient object or wildlife in action. Including Powerbank. Tripod not included. Specifications from the laser generator can be found on the tab 'Specification'.