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Interphone iCase Holder for Motorcycle - iPhone XR

Interphone iCase Holder for Motorcycle - iPhone XR
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The dedicated holders allow you to attach your smartphone to the handlebars of your motorbike and guarantee maximum protection for your phone from bumps, falls and the weather throughout your journey.
The support bracket with safety closure can be rotated 360° to find the best position for your phone.

Water Resistant
The waterproof holder for iPhone XR has a very strong outer case and an internal adapter in shockproof silicone to protect your smartphone when travelling by motorbike.
IPX5 water-resistant

All your smartphone functions, including the touch screen, camera and home key, can be used without having to take it out of the case.
Mounting bracket with adjustable 360° angle

Recharges During Use
Possibility of recharging during use

Anti-shock casing and internal anti-impact protection

Shooting Videos and Photos
Possibility of filming on the move

Crystal film compatible with touch screen and home key
For tubular handlebars with 16 to 30 mm diameter