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innoXplore iX-S70 Bluetooth Pedometer for iOS/Android for Sports analysis

innoXplore iX-S70 Bluetooth Pedometer for iOS/Android for Sports analysis
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The Ultimate Runners gadget! Run as light as possible

Android en iOS apparaten kunnen draadloos via Bluetooth een verbinding tot stand brengen met de innoXplore iX-S70. Middels de bijbehorende App (automatische download in de App Store) kunnen diverse analyses worden losgelaten op uw sportieve prestatie. iX-S70 is niet alleen energie zuinig (BLE - Bluetooth Low Energy) maar biedt ook een hoge mate van gebruiksvriendelijkheid. iX-S70 gaat meer dan 300 uur mee op een volle batterij lading.

Android and iOS devices can connect wirelessly via Bluetooth with innoXplore iX-S70. Via the required App (automatic download in the App store) a wide range of analysis can be made regarding your sport performance. iX-S70 is not only energy saving ((BLE - Bluetooth Low Energy), it also offers a high level of user friendliness. iX-S70 lasts more than 300 hours on a full battery charge.

Download free BLE_Pedo App from the App Store or iTunes

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My phone supports GPS. If I carry my phone with me, I don't need iX-S70 right?
A: Wrong:-), innoXplore iX-S70 has an offline recording function. Therefore it is not necessary to take your phone with you. Many Runners like to run light. The less weight, the better. When finished running, you can reconnect to your phone and upload to your phone to check your performance. And when you do wan't to carry your phone (for example for listening to music), another benefit is that you don't need to switch on GPS and data check on Google. This not only saves your battery but also saves your 3G/GPRS data connection usage.

Q: How can I compare the data from iX-S70 with the GPS data?
A: GPS might use the location line to give you a rough idea about the distance you covered, figures might not be quite accurate.When using innoXplore iX-S70 all the data will be based on your pre-set personally physical data(height, weight, stride), then gives you the distance, the calorie, the time, and show you the data in weeks. This makes it easy for you to track your exercise status.

Important usage instruction for offline usage of iX-S70:

Before entering Offline mode, you need to have paired and connected the pedometer to the phone. And then press the Pairing button again to successfully enter offline mode (Red LED on for about 5 seconds and off). You have to connect to the phone first before entering offline mode.

After running finished, to re-pair and reconnect the pedometer to phone, please firstly press the pairing button, and then click ACTIVATE on App; Not click ACTIVATE and then press pairing button. The latter sequence might encounter connecting failure.