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Qstarz LT-8000GT-R Rapid Red Edition 25Hz GNSS Lap Timer Qstarz LT-8000GT-R Rapid Red Edition 25Hz GNSS Lap Timer
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Brand: Qstarz
The stand a lone 8000GT-R analyzes your diversified racing types with an incredible accuracy in every 0.04 seconds. The world’s first advanced and high accuracy 25Hz GPS Lap Timer, featuring 3.2”color display and Wi Fi & Bluetooth wireless capability. And it’s IPX7 water resistant! Not jus..
Retail Price:€599.90

Qstarz BL-818GT BLE 10Hz Wireless GNSS GPS Racing Receiver Qstarz BL-818GT BLE 10Hz Wireless GNSS GPS Racing Receiver
In Stock
Qstarz International CO., Ltd has just announce the new generation of BL-818GT,designed with Bluetooth LE 4.0 GNSS Racing Receiver that includes QRacing App iOS and Android version on November 2019. Qstars users can download from App Store and Google Play store for free. BL-818GT totally fulfills th..
Retail Price:€169.00

Brand: Qstarz
Racing fanatics can flawlessly record their performance and steering skills with the new 10Hz BL 1000GT Race Recorder. This ultra fast Data Logger logs no less than 1 waypoint per 0.1 second for the highest possible accuracy. Supports GPS GLONASS QZSS (GNSS Global Navigation Satellite System) satell..
Retail Price:€249.00

Brand: Qstarz
LT-Q6000 is an innovative and automatic Lap Timer based on GPS technology, which is the world’s first color display Lap timer device. It can record lap times, speed, position and acceleration, etc, and real-time compare the racing performance. LT-Q6000 fits all kinds of racing modes such as Drag Rac..
Retail Price:€499.90

Qstarz LT-Q6000 GPS Laptimer Color Display - 10 Hz Stand Alone Laptiming Recorder
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Brand: Qstarz
Qstarz introduceert de eerste 10Hz GPS Laptimer met kleuren display (2.4") ter wereld. Deze innovatieve en automatische Laptimer is gebaseerd op GPS technologie. De LT-Q6000 legt ronde tijden feilloos vast. Maar ook belangrijke metingen als snelheid, positie en acceleratie. Deze Laptimer is ontworpe..
Retail Price:€419.00

Brand: Qstarz
De nieuwe BT-Q1300ST is vanaf nu uitgerust met 5Hz log frequentie functionaliteit. Optimaal voor het vastleggen van uw sport prestaties, zoals fietsen, wielrennen, schaatsen, hardlopen en nu ook Ski sport. Met zijn compacte formaat is het uw ideale compagnon waarmee u, middels de QSports software,..
Retail Price:€119.00

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