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EZwhipeZ Fashionable Premium Grade Display Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

EZwhipeZ Fashionable Premium Grade Display Microfiber Cleaning Cloths
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Every Smartphone and Tablet user recognizes the inconvenience of a dirty and greasy display. But how can one clean the display of their precious possession? With the bottom of a t-shirt or with a piece of kitchen paper perhaps? The answer is the EZwhipeZ series of innoXplore.
A stylish, durable and effective microfiber cleaning whipe.

Revolutionary, Smart, Fashionable and multi functional

EZwhipeZ combines a fashionable outlook with functionality into an amazingly effectivity. From now on sensitive displays can be cleaned effortlessly in a scratch free way.

Double sided cleaning
Plush microfiber material on one side to intially clean. And the contemporary designed other side to polish the display and remove the remaining stains. Optimal cleaning due to strong absorbing functionality of stains, grease, smudges and dust.

Beautiful contemporary designs
A style that suits everyone. Choose the style that suits you best, allows one to fine for the day.

Reusable and machine washable
Safe the environment, EZwhipeZ are stain and wrinkle resistant and can be hand or machine washed (no fabric softener!).

High grade Production process
EZ-Whipez are produced with Heat transfer printing, which is a type of digital printing. The colors are printed on the material firstly and are then transferred to the cloth under high pressure and temperature in a machine. All the color will be mixed in the fiber fabric during this process so that these will not fade.

Bubbles - EAN: 8718104280465

Compass - EAN: 8718104280472

Dandelion - EAN: 8718104280489

Flower Bouquet - EAN: 8718104280458


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