OmiCam is so distinctive that it cannot be compared with any other action camera for the Hiking and Outdoor market.
Various media are enthusiastic about this innovative product. We are convinced that OmiCam will conquer a good market share within the foreseeable future.

The spearheads of OmiCam are: Unrivaled image stabilization, 240 degree lens, Lifelog function (which automatically compiles a clip of your adventure), operational time and price.

Conclusion review by Cosy Regency:
To sum up, it is an innovative and unique camera that is hard to find a competitive product.
It matches almost every need for a long time outdoor activity enthusiasts.
Also, it makes it much easier for VR photography beginners to start editing VR videos
with their software OMI Studio.

Review by Pixelmania:
The OmiCam is an attractive action camera that is easy to use thanks to its simple operation and the 
smart OMI algorithm ensures that the video images always look stable and fairly calm. 
The software support via app and desktop applications is excellent. The 4K video quality is excellent.

Listen to the positive Podcast on BNR Radio.
There are two accessories available for OmiCam, the OmiCam waterproof housing (for snorkeling, SUP or for example Rafting) and the OmiCam shoulder strap..