iPin guarantees more efficiency with structural measurements. Ladder, tape measure, pencil and notepad can be omitted. Attach iPin to your smartphone, take photos of the situation and swipe in the app over the photos to quickly and easily determine length, width, height and thus content. Ideal for Carpenters and DIY companies, Dormer companies but also for Architects, Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Maintenance Employees.

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Turn your Smartphone into a Smart Laser Ruler. Take a Photo first and Measure Later. The World's First Smart Laser Measuring Device.

The iPin Spatial Ruler Pro is the ultimate optical laser measuring tool designed to make lives easier for those who need to perform handy and quick measures on a daily basis, with a Smartphone.
Within iPin Spatial Ruler Pro, we created a laser distance meter (LDM) using smart phone camera to measure the distance, length, width, and height (3-axis) data and record on the photo you take.
Capacity measurement
After using iPin Spatial Ruler Pro to obtain the length, width, and height data of a space, with one photo shot, you can easily calculate the capacity, size or volume of this space.

No doubt! iPin Ruler Pro is so powerful...

• Instant measurement of distance, line, and dimension.
• 3-axis measurement of length, width, and height of an object.
• Save photos with measurement data on mobile phone.
• Repeat measurements on the same photo afterward.
• Easy share via Line, WeChat, E-mail...