Qstarz EC-Q1600 ecostar GPS Driving Coach

Incredible Easy & On-Road Fuel-saving coach. For Fuel economy, Safe Driving & Saving Money!

General notice:

  • When installing the device, make sure the ECO STAR logo on the top device face up to the sky for better GPS satellite signal
  • For precisely detect hazardous driving condition and fuel condition, please install the device correctly before start the car engine
  • For safety, do not operate the device while driving
  • Please note windows film may interfere and affect GPS signals
  • Keep the ECO STAR far from heat or high temperature environment. We recommend not to expose your ECO STAR in temperature higher than 145℉/60℃ to prevent the device from overheating, exploding or melting itself
  • Do not expose this product to rain or moisture
  • For your safety, take care to route all cables away from shifters, pedals, accessory controls and mechanisms. Do not mount the devices in a place where the driver or passengers may receive injury during vehicle operation or collision
  • Do not attempt to open ECO STAR by yourself. Unauthorized hacking may damage the unit, and void your warranty