Cardo is the founder, pioneer and market leader in the field of wireless motorcycle communication. Cardo's renowned DMC technology (long distance radio technology) is now also available for driving schools that provide motorcycling lessons to students. DMC technology supports up to 15 motors. At the bottom of this page you will find more information about DMC technology.

Motorcycle driving schools often run into a number of disadvantages of current communication systems. Many systems interfere with radio systems of other driving schools. Also, the distance is often not sufficient, so that no communication is possible between student and instructor. Cardo offers the ultimate solution to all these problems. With a view to hygiene in connection with Corona, it is also safer to install a cradle on the helmet of each student so that only the Packtalk control units can easily be swapped. 

Cardo offers an all-round solution for every driving school owner and instructor. The solution that Cardo offers is also completely Corona proof. Safe, comfortable, robust and crystal clear communication. With a range of 1.6 kilometers. This range is further increased because each unit is used as an intermediate transmitter. The range from front to last engine is 3.2 kilometers between 3 bikes. Between 4 bikes the range from engine 1 to engine 4 is no less than 4.8 kilometers etc. etc.

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