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08 Jun Upgrade your Cardo audio listening experience  with JBL
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Upgrade to the ultimate sound experience with 45mm speakers set and matching software! De revolutionaire speakers van JBL zijn vanaf nu ook als losse accssoire beschikbaar tegen een verkoop-/advies..
29 Jul Architectural measurements with a Smartphone through iPin
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iPin guarantees more efficiency with structural measurements. Ladder, tape measure, pencil and notepad can be omitted. Attach iPin to your smartphone, take photos of the situation and swipe in the a..
01 Nov OmiCam unrivaled action cam for Oudoor and Hiking
0 364
OmiCam is so distinctive that it cannot be compared with any other action camera for the Hiking and Outdoor market.Various media are enthusiastic about this innovative product. We are convinced that O..
07 Jul iOS file transfer without iTunes and without Cloud
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Many users sooner or later have to deal with the problem that their iPhone's memory runs out. Other users have the desire to secure and back up data on their iOS device quickly and easily.PhotoFast ha..
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