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AQUA+ Wireless Audio & Headphone Amplifier - by Nexum

AQUA+ Wireless Audio & Headphone Amplifier - by Nexum
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AQUA+|The future of music: Unlimited and Powerful | DAC + AMP | Including Wireless Qi Chargingdock

The technology behind AQUA+ is designed with high quality wireless audio in mind, processing audio signals through three chips, instead of a single 16-Bit bluetooth chip as most commonly seen in other devices. The bluetooth and additional SRC and DAC chipsets embedded in the elegant design of AQUA+ provide wireless, lossless and levelled up HiFi audio quality.

AQUA+ is a wireless audio amplifier that provides maximum quality with a tangle free listening experience. It can be paired to your smart phone, laptop, TV or any other bluetooth device, allowing music to be enjoyed without sacrificing sound performance or convenience.

AQUA+ Features:
Truly Wireless Experience
Connect to any device, anywhere via bluetooth and charge wirelessly for up to 8
hours playing time.
- CSR Bluetooth V4.2
- Wireless Charging (Compliant with Qi)

HiFi Audio Quality
32-Bit/384kHz DAC powered by Cirrus Logic, delivering high-resolution and
lossless sound.
- DAC Cirrus Logic CS43130
- SRC 16Bit/44.1K sampling up to 32Bit/384K
- Audio Codec aptX/aptX LL/AAC/SBC

Listening on the go
The world’s lightest bluetooth audio amplifier for carefree and portable
- 4.5x4.5x1.2 cm
- 25g

Established in 2013, NEXUM is a team from Taiwan specialized in wireless audio technology and never ceases to impress enthusiasts with innovative audio products. As audio entertainment is now an indispensable part of our lives, NEXUM strives to bring high quality music at an affordable price and the best listening experience in every possible way.

How it works

AQUA+ also performs the following functions with the volume control key:
• Play/Pause (Short Press)
• Next Song (Double Short)
• Prev. Song (Triple Short)

Nexum AQUA+ Black | SKU# NX-AQ+B02 | EAN : 4710751470415 - Retailprice: € 139,00 (incl. VAT)
Nexum AQUA+ Gold | SKU# NX-AQ+B01 | EAN : 4710751470408 - Retailprice: € 139,00 (incl. VAT)
Nexum AQUA+ WHITE | SKU# NX-AQ+B03 | EAN : 4710751470422 - Retailprice: € 139,00 (incl. VAT)

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Media-Kit AQUA+ (.Zip format) |download|
Zip file also includes Lifestyle pictures

Nexum AQUA+ User Manual (ENG) : |Download|

Nexum AQUA+ Fact sheet (ENG) : |Download|

Is AQUA+ waterproof? 
Waterproof is not a feature of AQUA+!

Can I still use the headphone mic while connected with AQUA+? 
The headphone mic and wire control will not work while connected, but AQUA+ has a built-in mic and can perform wire control functions with the keys on the device.

Can wireless headphones/earbuds work with AQUA+? 
AQUA+ is designed for headphones with 3.5mm jacks and is unable to support wireless headphones.

What is the frequency response rate for AQUA+? 
The frequency response rate for AQUA+ is: AAC (+0.28/-0.82); SBC (+0.05/-0.95); aptX (+0.2/-0.5) dB

How does the 16bit to 32bit work? 
All audio formats will be decoded by your output device to PCM and then transcoded to aptX, AAC or SBC via Bluetooth audio (16bit) to AQUA+. Then AQUA+ leverages its 2 embedded chipsets, high-quality SRC & Ultra Hi-Res DAC, to convert to 32bit.

What is the playtime for AQUA+ 
AQUA+ can play for 8 hours @ 16bits / 5.5 hours @ 32bits on a full charge.

Are there issues of delay when using AQUA+ for videos? 
AQUA+ has been optimized and improved to reduce the delay issues, so there will be no problems with watching videos.
We've tested AQUA+ to watch Youtube clips, connect to Apple TV and other OTT boxes to play games or watch movies and have not experienced any problems of delay in sound.

What is Qi wireless charging? 
The Qi is a wireless charging standard and the AQUA+ 3w wireless charger also adopts this standard. Other Qi standard chargers can be used to charge AQUA+ and the AQUA+ charging pad may also be used to charge your phone but will take longer.

How do I update for bluetooth firmware? 
It is not necessary to upgrade firmware for AQUA+.