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Brand: Photofast
PhotoFast Anti-Virus Filter for PhotoFast AM9500 Face Mask - KN95 grade Personal Air-PurifierPhotoFast SKU#  AM95filter30 EAN 4712764485608 Retailprice: : € 34,95 (incl. BTW) (packed in 1 outer box per 60 retailboxes)PhotoFast SKU#  AM95filter60 EAN 4712764485615 Retailprice: : € 44,95 (in..
Retail Price:€34.50

Brand: Photofast
Using N95 masks for long period of time may result in:Dizziness due to lack of oxygenNasal related conditions  Read the full hands on review by Portablegear (Dutch) here |Link|Build in Air-Circulation SystemRemoves CO2, Heat and MoistureBuild in Air-Circulation SystemRemoves CO2, Heat a..
Retail Price:€99.00

Brand: Photofast
Simply place the device on the base and start charging immediately. Detection distance 6mm, case friendly. Safe: low radiation, low temperature, Foreign Object Detection (FOD). Auto power cut when fully charged to protect your battery and prolong battery's life cycle. High quality and elegant design..
Retail Price:€49.99

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