innoXplore iX-B22 A2DP Stereo Bluetooth Audio Adapter Dongle Receiver 3.5mm Audio Jack

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Model: iX-B22
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innoXplore iX-B22 A2DP Stereo Bluetooth Audio Adapter Dongle Receiver 3.5mm Audio Jack

Met de innoXplore iX-B22 Universal A2DP enabled Stereo Audio Bluetooth Adapter Dongle Receiver 3.5mm (female) Audio Jack is het mogelijk om 'niet Bluetooth' apparaten (speakers of headsets) te voorzien van Bluetooth functionaliteit en connectiviteit. Plug de 3.5mm speaker of headset plug eenvoudigweg in de iX-B22 en breng een draadloze Bluetooth connectie tot stand met bijv. uw Mobiele telefoon, USB Dongle of PC / Laptop. Zodra uw apparaat gekoppeld is met de iX-B22, kunt u draadloos genieten van uw favoriete tunes.

Het is ook mogelijk om een HiFi installatie te koppelen met de iX-B22 door middel van een 3.5mm naar RCA adapter kabel (niet inbegrepen). Dit stelt de gebruiker in staat om MP3's of iTunes die opgeslagen staan op een telefoon te beluisteren via een HiFi installatie. De iX-B22 is voorzien van een stijlvolle witte behuizing.

Opmerking: indien uw telefoon niet is voorzien van een 3.5mm audio uitgang, kunt u muziek luisteren van uw telefoon door middel van de iX-B22. U plugt uw oordopjes in de iX-B22 en koppelt hierna uw telefoon met de iX-B22. Het is ook mogelijk om op dezelfde manier conventionele speakers met een 3.5mm plug aan te sluiten in de iX-B22.

With innoXplore iX-B22 Universal A2DP enabled Stereo Audio Bluetooth Adapter Dongle Receiver 3.5mm (female) Audio Jack one can easily equip 'non Bluetooth' devices (headsets or speakers) with Bluetooth functionality. Simply plug headset or speakers into innoXplore iX-B22's 3.5mm input and easily establish a wireless Bluetooth connection with your mobile phone or a Bluetooth enabled USB dongle or a PC / Laptop. As soon as the device is paired with iX-B22, one can enjoy it's favorite tunes swiftly.

It is also possible to equip a HiFi system with iX-B22 by means of a 3.5mm cable to RCA adapter cable (not included). It enables the user to listen to favorite MP3's of iTunes which are stored on a phone via a HiFi system. The iX-B22 is housed in a elegant and stylish white color look.

Please note: If your mobile phone doesn't have 3.5mm interface, you can listen to the music from your phone by plugging the earphone to this Bluetooth receiver. If you want the phone's music to be transmitted to the speaker, you can just connect the Bluetooth receiver to the speaker by a 3.5mm audio cable.


Key features:
 • Turn wired to wireless: Transform ordinary Speakers and Headsets to
   Bluetooth Wireless Speakers and Headsets / Earphones

 • Supports BT A2DP profile
 • Can be paired to any Bluetooth enabled devices, such as Mobile Phone, Laptop, PC,
   BT USB Dongle or Bluetooth Audio Transmitter

 • Single button for easy control







LED indicator light:
1. Standby: the blue LED flash
2. Power off: the red LED flash 1 time (ONLY 1 TIME) and turn off
3. Pairing: the red and blue LED flash alternately
4. Charging: the red LED is on
5. After full charged: the red LED is off


 • Supports Bluetooth A2DP, and HS/HF profiles
 • Talk time : 7 hours
 • Standby time:140 hours
 • Nominal charging time: 2 hours
 • BT Chipset : CSR BC5 V2.1, class 2
 • Working range: 10M
 • Frequency range: 2.4 - 2.48 GHz
 • Net Weight: 16g
 • Dimensions(LxWxH): 60 x 24 x 9mm
 • Rechargeable li-ion 230mAh battery
 • 3.5mm Remale jack
 • Mini 5 Pin USB Plug charging Port
 • Indicator: LED (Blue & Red)
 • listen music from mobile phone/Computer

 • USB Charger
 • USB charging line
 • User guide

Add Bluetooth Receiving functionality to non Bluetooth equiped devices
Enable possibility to listen to your music through non Bluetooth headsets or speakers
Hassle free pairing of iX-B22 to Bluetooth stereo dongles or phones
Plug, Pair and Play
Compact, elegant and stylish white polished design
Universal application to a broad range of devices:
Mobile Phone, Laptop, PC, BT USB Dongle or BTAudio Transmitter
Hi-Fi equipment via 3.5mm to RCA Convertor Kit (not included)


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